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My name is Keegan Francis. I’ve been interested in Bitcoin since 2013, and invested since 2015. I stumbled upon Bitcoin while taking a computer science degree at Acadia University in Canada. I am now an active developer in Bitcoin projects and regularly contribute to public discourse around bitcoin, finance, and economics.


  1. I invested in Bitcoin in 2015

  2. Paid off my $60k worth of student debt in 2017 (thanks, Bitcoin)

  3. Started my business with my wife (Mrugakshee Palwe) in 2018

  4. We’ve educated and helped thousands of people understand cryptocurrencies through our brand Go Full Crypto (Podcast, Blog, YouTube)

  5. This Newsletter is a window in my (Keegan Francis) thoughts, opinions, and insights as it pertains to bitcoin and finance.

What is this Newsletter?

This newsletter is an exclusive window into my (Keegan Francis) thoughts, opinions, and insights. There are lots of places on the internet to check out my content, however, this newsletter is the only place where I get to have a direct conversation with my readers and followers.

We are still in the early days of Bitcoin. My intention with this newsletter is for every reader to get an insight into what my Bitcoin filled world looks like, and why I chose this path.

What does a Free Subscriber get?

  • A chronicle of my crypto journey

  • Stories of current of past events that have shaped my world view

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What does a Paid Subscriber get?

This newsletter is, and always will be, free for everyone. I want my content to be accessible to all. If my content inspires you, and gives you a sense that you’ve gained value from it, then in the spirit of value-for-value, I encourage you to buy me a coffee or give me a monthly contribution. Any and all amounts are massively appreciated.

What is Go Full Crypto?

Go Full Crypto is a brand that my partner Mrugakshee Palwe and I started in the middle of 2020. We had been dealing with our local banks, and had no shortage of complaints with the services that we were receiving. We decided to turn our personal, and business' cash into Bitcoin, and completely opt out of as much of the world of traditional finance as possible. In essence, we decided to “Go Full Crypto”. In the spirit of sharing what we’ve learned with the world, we are documenting this journey, in as many ways as possible. We have a blog, a podcast, a YouTube Channel, and several other content channels through which we tell our stories.

My Success with Crypto

After graduating with $60k in debt, I decided to aggressively tackle this issue by considering “risky” investment options. After the 2008 financial crisis, I never felt like the stock market resonated with my interests. Bitcoin had always been something that fascinated me due to its unbiased, autonomous, and algorithmic monetary policy. To my benefit, I managed to pay off my student debt after the 2017 cryptocurrency bull run. This put me in a perfect place to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Start my own business, and help others prosper with my knowledge.

Why Bitcoin?

Even though we’re “Go Full Crypto”, we are heavy Bitcoiners. I didn’t start this way. For years, I was enthralled by the many other cryptocurrencies out there. It wasn’t until mid 2019 (four years after I started my journey) that I decided to consolidate my portfolio into Bitcoin, and focus almost exclusively on how to help people understand, and adopt Bitcoin. It took me a while to understand that Bitcoin is digital gold. Once I understood this, I sold almost every other cryptocurrency I had, to pick up more Bitcoin, after all, there is a limited supply of 21 million.

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Bitcoiner | Podcaster | Programmer | Human -- I am a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency subject matter expert. I opted out of traditional finance to "Go Full Crypto". Bitcoin Centric. My newsletter is a collection of thoughts, opportunities, and explainers.